Terraform Provider for HTTP mTLS and POST Dataources

A simple terraform provider that does HTTP POST and mTLS.

Hashicorp published a convenient HTTP datasource which i use time to time but realized its just for GET request.

Yesterday was a bit slow so i decided to modify the HTTP provider and add on a couple of extra features: HTTP POST with JSON payload and mTLS support.

With these modifications, you can use the HTTP provider to get arbitrary data from an external source. These maybe authentication tokens for use later in the module or simply some arbitrary data from some other service.

Anyway, the registry and repo are here



You can also use this to interact with an STS server to get any auth token.

For mTLS and other configurations, see example/index.md

Building The Provider

Clone repository to:


Enter the provider directory and build the provider

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/terraform-providers/terraform-provider-http-fullmake fmtmake build

Using the provider locally

Just use the version on the terraform registry:


or if you want to build locally, copy the provider to your directory


cd example
terraform init
terraform apply


with terraform plan

and terraform apply